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New release candidate of the Paredit PR: Please help test, if you can. It is stable afaict. Includes these changes since last Calva release: * Fix: [Fix tokenization errors with quotes, derefs, etcetera]( * Fix: [Fix glitch in current form highlight in the REPL window when cursor is to the right of a form]( * Now using the same Paredit implementation for the Edit as for the REPL Window. * A much more complete set of Paredit commands, and [all documented](, in beautiful GIF animations. * List based Paredit commands work on strings as well. (Limited by that strings don’t have sub lists/strings). * Lots of fixes for Paredit commands. * Fix: [Paredit not activated until focused moved from and back to the editor again]( * Improving: [paredit paredit-kill]( * Fix: [paredit backspace in strict mode]( * Fix: [REPL window use it own set of paredit hotkeys and these are not configurable]( Improvements for Commands using the Current form and Current top level form*: * Fix: [Form selection fails on things like ’(1)]( * Less precision needed for the right form to be selected. All commands for this use the same implemengtion (so, you can use e.g. Select Current Form to know what Evaluate Current Form* will evaluate).


This is huge @pez! Congratulations on a job well done!

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Hi. is it possible to override this shortcut in the REPL window? Alt+Enter Submit the current line


@dennisa, I can have a look at it. As it is right now, there is no way to override it, but I think I can make it a regular vscode shortcut. Since I have just fixed a ton of other repl window shortcut issues, this fits in my PR, I think.


May I ask why you want to override it?


Thanks! Yes, I am mostly using Cursive and keep giving Calva a go from time to time : ) In Cursive (and before this in Atom) I am used to Shift + Enter for evaluating in the repl window. In Calva it breaks up the line and it's driving me crazy : )


I'll fix. Or, at least, I'll try to. 😃


Thanks! Sure


If I can't make it configurable easily enough, I'll keep alt+enter though.


New RC Paredit. It's a change in how we lex symbols and keywords, closer to what the Clojure Reader allows. Needs testing. Simple test: Bring forward your weirdest code, macros and stuff and check that paredit works at the bottom of the files. Here's the VSIX:

Filipe Silva17:11:55

I'm trying to wrap my head around how I'd use these paredit keybindings

Filipe Silva17:11:16

they look very useful, but also a bit onerous to learn

Filipe Silva17:11:42

the really hard part is that I already have a bunch of similar keybinds for other stuff

Filipe Silva17:11:53

so for someone that is also using other languages in vscode, what's the usage? is it that when I am using calva these keybinds override others?

Filipe Silva17:11:18

do I have to turn the calva extension off on each workspace that I don't want these keybinds?

Filipe Silva17:11:08

I already use slurp but did a rebind to something that didn't conflict with other bindings I have

Filipe Silva17:11:30

(btw the visual guide is an absolute delight to read, even sent it to my non-clojurian friends :D)


Haha, thanks!


I’d love some help with spreading the visual guide amongst Clojurians once it is available at the docs site.


Paredit keybindings are only active when you are editing a Clojure file or at the REPL window prompt. So shouldn’t conflict with keybindings outside that. Which keybinding will win if some other extension is binding the same keys, I think is undetermined.


In workspaces where you do not want the keybindings, set calva.paredit.defaultKeyMap to none. Maybe that should be mentioned in the guide…


maybe, I haven't had this problem yet but I don't mix workspaces.


@dennisa (and everyone else, actuatlly). In the latest Paredit PR build the keyboard shortcuts for submitting the prompt and entering a new line are configurable, via regular vscode shortcut settings. My smoke testing says it works, but please help me test it. VSIX here:


That is also a build where I right now don’t know of any bugs or omissions that should stop its release. If that doesn’t change until tomorrow (CET) I will publish it. 😃


Just tested it quickly now, seems to work

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