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Folks, we still have open slots for speakers for the December meetup. Please ping if you would like to present something.

Shantanu Kumar08:11:57

@UGLAJGL79 Please feel free to pitch in with your talk idea.


Thanks, @U066J7E2U Hey @U623NFZ17 — Glad to connect with you. I am thinking to give a talk on “Scheduling Periodic Tasks in Clojure”. Does it sound interesting to you? Not sure, if this topic has been covered in earlier Bangalore meetups.


Thanks @UGLAJGL79, looks like an interesting topic. Please do share a few bullet points as talk outline and I will update the meetup page.


@U623NFZ17 Cool. Thanks. Can I share it in a day (max)?


Hey @UGLAJGL79 please see if you can share the details today, the meetup is next saturday itself.