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Capital One is hoping to host a ClojureBridge this May/June in McLean, VA. ClojureBridge is a Friday/Saturday event focused on bringing women and minorities into the Clojure world. There are code overviews, workshops, practice projects, etc. We are looking for volunteers to help teach/facilitate this event (you don’t have to be a female/minority to participate). If you are interested, please join #clojure-bridge


There’s already a #clojurebridge channel and using #clojure-bridge specifically for the McLean event is confusing. I suggest either using #clojurebridge or creating a new channel that clearly indicates your geography or event. You may find it more useful however to create a new team instead, as low volume channels wind up with their messages completely purged due to message retention limits in clojurians.


@kalli I archived #clojure-bridge to avoid confusion. If you want a venue-specific channel, consider #clojurebridge-va for this and any future events in Virginia?


But, yeah, you’ll likely do better to do initial organizing in the main #clojurebridge channel.


ah okay thanks!


Created #clojurebridge_va


I’ll rename that to match the others — using - instead of _. I also invited you into the #clojurebridge channel