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game dev poll: whats the best inspiration for making games? seeing and playing games that make you want to make something too, the need for an outlet for every crazy idea in your head, the love of math and physics, ego, money, or something I couldn't even begin to fathom?


I don't mean "best inspiration" generally, but like personally for you


@gdeer81: Though I don't have much game dev experience, I can say that my desire to make games springs from 1. the incredible, persuasive, joyous force of experiencing a narrative first-hand through gaming and 2. the potential to make money.


1. Desire to make a world where anything could happen. In a Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, Final Fantasy/LotR kind of way. 2. The ability to work on whatever coding challenge you want. If there’s something you want to play with, you just figure out how to work it in vs a business app where some patterns or technology just doesn’t make sense unless you start a new app.


I have been now looking libgdx and especially play-clj. One thing that is unclear to me is how do you build project using play-clj for Android?