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They really need to make BART go around the entire bay.


are commutes that long common in the US ?


i have a 1.5h commute to work right now, and that’s considered pretty outrageous for Dutch standards


@camdenclark We're getting there... BART goes to Warm Springs now in the East Bay with San Jose planned. We got the Oakland Airport spur a year or so back. The Pittsburg line is getting an extension some day soon. Just Millbrae to San Jose to clear on the Peninsula -- but with CalTrain there's not so much incentive.


@lmergen Depends where you are in the US. When I lived in Oakland and commuted to Redwood Shores (about 35 miles) that took an hour to an hour and a half most mornings (with occasional two hour journeys) and between an hour and a half and two hours in the evening (occasionally longer). I know of folks who live further out East than I do so their commutes are longer (2+ hours each way guaranteed).


The Bay Area has some of the worst commutes, but it's not unique in the US.


@lmergen I have worked in Denmark and Netherland, it only takes me less than an hour commute daily. Now I am currently in my hometown in Ho Chi Minh, it's so crowded that it can take 3 hours or more and I hate it more than anything else -_-


that’s insane


i’ve lived in phnom penh (cambodia) for 2.5 years, by motorbike the commutes are pretty stable, not ?


is ho chi minh a lot different /


@lmergen yeah, it's a lot easier in phnom penh. Ho Chi Minh's traffic is much more insane.I rather go to work or meeting really early and get home early to avoid traffic. I believe Phnom Penh is no where compared with Ho Chi Minh.


@nxqd in that case, ho chi minh must be pretty insane


yeah it is

Sam H12:04:59

How’s the clojure scene in Ho Chi Minh (and vietnam in general) @nxqd


I would say it's quite hard to find a Clojure programmer here. There are some from Emacs background, a few doing side projects and few doing client's project ( from US ).