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Just getting started out with Emacs, is anyone using v28 with native compilation of elisp?

Cora (she/her)06:01:45

i was, with doom emacs

Cora (she/her)06:01:06

now im using emacs 29 with doom emacs


Oh sweet. Did it make a difference in performance? I’ve been learning the ropes and setting up a config from scratch. Managed to get cider / clojure-lsp working

Cora (she/her)06:01:39

a little, but it's still slow on macos for me

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Hi, this drives me crazy. I am using iosevka and some words are unaligned like this. Somebody got same problem? It seems like inconsistent space-size to me but i am just guessing


never seen that before with a monospace font but M-x whitespace-mode might help you confirm your hypothesis


@UEQPKG7HQ Me neither… I will try whitespace-mode once it will appear again - it seems to be caused by lsp and in one or two project. I just restarted emacs 😞


Im using iosevka and lsp and have never seen this 🤷


Funny enough, I am experiencing it this morning...for some reason the line my cursor is on adds an extra space as well


I've noticed the cursor thing before, but never the inconsistent spaces


The cursor is fine - it was not my intent to confuse you :-). I can not reproduce the reported bad alignment. Funny things is - there was a lot of errors wrongly reported by LSP so i deleted local legacy .clj-kondo folder and it may corrected both errors and alignment.


@UBRV1HXPD try adjusting the frame font size. For some fonts, GUI gets messed up.