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Left field question: I want to use a re-frame app as a component in another react (not cljs but typescript) app. Is there a known way to do this? i.e. something like the reagent adapt fn but for a root re-frame app


this is for dev tooling for an external contractor using typescript and storybook. I want to provide a re-frame app that he can run in storybook as a component with props etc


I’m thinking I just need the normal startup events in a component-did-mount fn and that should be enough. I’ll report back here with results but would appreciate any experience from others


ok, I can confirm it’s possible to start re-frame from the component-did-mount fn. looks like this will work as long as I can export using shadow to a format that typescript will understand

Gavriel Loria19:01:51

Hi there, is there a general rule for when to use reg-sub-raw over reg-sub?


When reg-sub is insufficient. reg-sub is just a higher-level API, that's all. Well, and it has tracing, but that shouldn't be the reason to choose reg-sub-raw over it.

Noah Bogart20:01:15

opened an enhancement issue about a not-a-bug that i just tripped over: