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Is there an existing feature in CIDER and/or clojure mode to quickly copy the fully-qualified name of the symbol at point? I found some suggestions online that cider-symbol-at-point should do this, but for me it only returns the symbol as it appears at point (i.e., it doesn’t add a namespace if there isn’t one in the text and doesn’t resolve ns aliases).


you could write a small function that would take symbol at point and evaluate

in the buffer's namespace


Does anybody have a modern emacs config available publically? Mine is soooo old and is falling apart. I was hoping to see examples of what's out there?

David Vujic06:08:18

This is the one I use for Clojure/Script, JavaScript/TypeScript and Python:

David Vujic06:08:53

Here’s a screenshot (grabbed from a blog post of mine):


Here's a good overview of good public Emacs configs:


Thansk for all the responses!


@U08UTJ5PB Doom Emacs has been great for me! Is great for those using EVIL (vim bindings) but I actually don't and used it with emacs bindings, which works great too!