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Thanks for hosting that guys! It was good to see everyone!

Adrian Smith20:08:05

Good to see you again, your mock interview thing sounds great


Thanks! It's good practice for beginners like us! If you guys ran one I'd totally join! (Even if I'd totally flop :p)


Yeah it was nice to meet everyone! 😅

Adrian Smith20:08:21

Sorry we used you to drive the question hopefully wasn't too stressful with the ambiguous wording on the java questions


no worries at all! Java trickery can be hard 😛

👍 2

I felt uneasy with that solution I showed, as it had to loop through the seq 3 times (1 for distinct, 2 for equality) - so I've fixed that 😉 It also returns early if possible - let me know if you have more suggestions!

👍 3

I'm not usually a fan of loop - so if anyone knows how to get rid of it I'd be very interested 😛


That's a great comparison between the two functions