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Announcing the very first release of contajners: 😄 😄 This is the spiritual successor of clj-docker-client(, the clojure client for docker; now supporting not just docker but podman( and hopefully more OCI container engines too!! This is a radical simplification and rethought of the design and the way the APIs are interacted with, hopefully providing a simpler and more efficient access to container engines with a very very data driven and REPL friendly approach! Status is still *Alpha* some of the rough edges being worked upon and some more of testing, specially with Podman is underway. Hope this is of use to you folks and testing, feedback and improvements are highly sought after and appreciated! 😄

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follow up in #docker


Love the name

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Ooh. Is this using the docker-compatible API that podman exposes? Or did you have to do something extra to add support?


@U09LZR36F that was the original plan but it seems its sort of compatible. A lot of POST bodies felt different to me and not so great docs. So bit the bullet and did a proper impl to support them both properly, bootstrapping from their Swagger 2.0 YAML specs 😄


The new design is in a way that its simpler to add in support for more engines later on too. Also took the chance to fix some perf and design mistakes made in clj-docker-client 😅


New release of Neanderthal, the Clojure high performance Matrix and Linear Algebra library with CPU and GPU support. 0.42.0 is out!

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