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Good Morning!


Howdy! How's your week going @dharrigan?


It's going so so. Not getting a lot of quality sleep atm, kid is an early riser


But that's okay. He's easy to manage 🙂


We've booked a week's holiday in Ireland end of August, so that should be good 🙂


How's your week going?


Oh nice! Ireland is beautiful! Whereabouts? My week would be better without a lot of infrastructure work I'm having to do (I built out six new servers today with Java and Clojure CLI on then; now waiting on the data center to install more software).


Build one server. Write a script from that. Run it on the next five servers. At this point, we should have auto-deploy of builds to all six servers so it isn't too much bootstrapping -- but this is all new stuff in a new part of the data center on a new subnet so it's a good chance to drop all the old cruft!


I use ansible for mantaining my fleet of physical and virtual servers


about 20 or so machines that I run at home


(mix of physical and virtual)


(I also use terraform to manage some aws instances as well, then run ansible against those when they're up and running)


Ansible just didn't seem worth the effort for what I do, TBH.


I suspect if I was regularly building cloud servers, I'd be more inclined...


My use case is to ensure that across all my machines, my dev setup/home env is consistent 🙂


git clone some-repo.git amirite? 🙂


(I was born and raised in N.Ireland and I've only visited the south a couple of times)


I'm from Norn Iron myself 🙂


We are going to stay in Donegal for a while 🙂


Yeah, maybe we'll get some nice weather! We still have to book a place to stay, will do that in a bit.


Maybe I will get to Ireland this year for the first time since 2020 😢

Ben Hammond08:08:43

twentytwenty isn't that long ago... or did I oversleep again..?

Ben Hammond08:08:55

my daughter is on her 7th consecutive dry night its unprecedented prolly too early to say we've cracked it but the signs are encouraging

👍 2

Did you do anything to encourage her? We aren’t having much luck on that front

Ben Hammond08:08:53

bribery - chocolate cake/ computer games / lego sets combined with a

Ben Hammond08:08:48

with a pee alarm: sensor that clips onto the gusset of her jammies and triggers an alarm clock type noise when it detect moisture

Ben Hammond08:08:41

really its the alarm that's made the difference;

👍 2
Ben Hammond08:08:19

and we've been sleeping on a mattress in her room whilst she gets used to it; been about 3 weeks now

Ben Hammond08:08:42

hopeful we can stop doing that in a week or so


how old is she if you don’t mind me asking?


Just curious about when I should start saving for a pee alarm 😆


We've been kinda fortunate with our kid. He just transitioned easily into sleeping at night without a nappy. He has the odd little mishap from time to time, but it's quite rare. At the start, before going to bed, we always plopped him on the toilet to ensure he at least tries. Then he had a little chart with stickers. Every morning, if no misadventure, then a sticker. After 10 stickers a little treat. But, tbh, he didn't really stick to that either (maybe a couple of weeks), he just naturally transitioned.


Key here, along with what @U793EL04V is saying, is high praise after every successful night 🙂

Ben Hammond08:08:11

she is nearly 5

Ben Hammond08:08:50

I think the problem is that she is a really deep sleeper; so she genuinely was not waking up at all


sounds like a good problem to have 🙂

Ben Hammond08:08:54

hah! oh to have the problems of a 4 year old


I can't quite remember how we managed to do that with our two kids... it somehow happened I think.


and the weird thing now is that my son (11) only pees once a day. I need to go when I wake up and just before I go to bed as well. out of habit probably.

Ben Hammond09:08:51

surely that does not sound healthy

Ben Hammond09:08:14

you need a constant flow of fresh water washing over the kidneys in order to keep the metabolic waste moving outwards

Ben Hammond09:08:07

(in my imaginings anyway)

Ben Hammond09:08:25

I guess everyone's dials are set differently


he manages fine... so I guess it is ok.


how do people treat alpha releases of clojure? Usable in prod? The keyword arg change in 1.11.0-alpha1 is really tempting


I think it’s unlikely to cause you problems — but it is alpha for a reason. The core team are cautious and conservative though, more so than many other communities. The main risk is that core may take away or change the new features you’re using — so you’re committing to potentially having to undo/change anything using them. Generally there are also some small potential risks in that regressions may be discovered in perf enhancements etc that break things etc. So it’s really on you to make an educated decision about the risk/reward of doing so. Personally I’m not sure kw/args are a big enough benefit to motivate me to change to it — but I also wouldn’t expect 1.11.0-alphaXXX to cause me any problems either. You can always adopt the alpha but not use kwargs in production code until it’s shipped too; so there are mitigation strategies you can take to de-risk it too; depending on how conservative you are.

👍 2

cheers for the thoughtful response!


We had it in production within a week of release, with code using the new kwargs stuff.


We only use a version of Clojure once it's stable, but I guess that if you are comfortable with the potential for the ground to move under your feet then you should just go for it.


I think @seancorfield runs things really early in production, but I am sure he will tell you later when he comes online.


Yup, Sean is running 1.11 in production


Yup. We started with an alpha of 1.3 in production ten years ago and have run almost every prerelease version of Clojure ever since. Rock solid and we get to adopt new features early.