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@vemv The docs say it's a library as well. How would it be used with tools/deps (without Leiningen)?


I have an issue open for that It's doable, I have a plan. I should just get to it some weekend. Feel free to nudge me over the issue tracker if too much time passes


btw PR welcome if anyone wants a deps.edn adventure... it's kind of low-hanging fruit I actually use deps.edn frequently / at work. My workaround is slurping deps.edn from Leiningen. I like all my tooling lein-based even when using deps.edn


I'm curious to know how you do that. I've always used Leiningen, but my new job uses deps.edn. I haven't dug into the interop. Once I got CIDER working with front and back end, I moved on....


I use this generic project.clj that will work with most deps.edn files out there. There can always be edge cases though :) This approach is superior to the plugins you can find out there IMO. If something goes wrong you can add a println and fix it immediately I have a bash wrapper for lein that will copy this file to $PWD if no project.clj was found


Pretty slick! I'll have to try it out....