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Adrian Imanuel06:02:03

Hi All, I'm sorry, newbie here... i'm using doom emacs now, and I don't know the shortcut for : 1. how to make my cider repl move to right panel? 2. [C c M p] >> is this the correct shortcut to send code from buffer to REPL? much appreciated for the help 😄

Max Deineko08:02:49

1. There are probably better ways to achieve this, but you can manually create a new window with one of the evil-window- and evil+/window- commands (bound to "SPC w" prefix by default) and switch to repl buffer using "SPC b B" 2. You usually don't want to send code to repl directly (or, equivalently, paste, which "C-c M-p" does iianm) but let cider evaluate it (former evaluates it in whatever namespace the repl currently is in, latter switches to the namespace your code defined last for span of evaluation), e.g. via "SPC m e e" (cider-eval-last-sexp) -- see "SPC m e" and "SPC m p" prefixes for more commands

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Set the CIDER variable cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect to nil and then the REPL buffer doesn't get in the way. Evaluation in source code buffers is far more effective and is always in the context of the correct namespace.

Adrian Imanuel13:02:47

@U9TGHG3LP thank you so much for the tips, it works like charm for point no 1. I'll try point no 2... Thanks again! 🙏

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If your cursor is in the repl, I believe C-w L will move the window to the right vertical split


Hi @adrianimanuel, in spacemacs, I would launch a spacemacs/cider-send-xx-to-reploption and have a look to the suggested key binding. Look for the windows menu in doom in cheatsheet:

Adrian Imanuel13:02:08

@caumond somehow, i couldn't install spacemacs. it stuck in downloading resources. someone told me to use doom for the time being. Thank you so much for your answer