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@dpsutton Feel free to add such tips for shadow-cljs to the docs.


I lot a lot of people would appreciate them.


With the recent changes to cider-clojure-cli-parameters and cider-clojure-cli-global-options, how can I pass options like --bind and --port to the clojure cli jack-in command?


@tvaughan Good question. 😄 I guess cider-clojure-cli-parameters was the natural place for those.


i doubt there's space for that. those need to be at the end as additional params to the main and i don't think they will work at the moment


I am/was doing (cider-clojure-cli-parameters . "-A:toolbox:koacha:kibit:user -M -m nrepl.cmdline --bind --port 5309 --middleware '%s'") in .dir-locals.el


I guess now that we separated the aliases we can have a separate var for the params to the actual nREPL CLI. I don't know.


It's hard for me to give advice given that I don't really use tools.deps.


i can fix this tonight. easiest workaround at the moment is to use a prefix when jacking in and add the --bind --port 5309 to the end of the jack in string


> i can fix this tonight Please don't go to extra trouble on my account. I'm using straight.el and just happened to run pull-all today. I've since rolled back. I'm good right now. I'd be happy to create an issue on github, if that would be helpful


well it needs to be fixed and should have been contemplated in the original change. i was wondering why the middleware was a templated string and now i know 🙂

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This had totally slipped my mind as well. I never change the defaults, so I didn't think about the CLI options at all. I guess we need more tests. 🙂


i'll add them tonight. added an issue for this. and the tests should describe all of the pathways through it