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Dear Calva friends. Now I need help testing a rather central refactoring of the jack-in feature. This VSIX should work launching your projects, just like before if I haven’t messed something up. I’ve tested it on Mac and Windows on a lot of different test projects that I have. But even if I have quite a few of those, I still could have missed something. The whole reason for making the changes is for windows users with deps.edn projects to be able to jack-in more reliably. This VSIX bundles babashka, and uses it for jack-in of these projects. I’d especially appreciate @plexus’s help to see if this works better than the currently released Calva.

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Please consider testing and reporting your findings (wether good or bad) on the PR:


Linux: • plain deps ok • plain lein ok • deps + fig main ok (that's all I have)

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Is there a way to avoid downloading the 69mb bb.exe binary on linux?


A post-install hook that downloads it off github on win only?


Maybe. I somehow doubt it.


@brandon.ringe did quite a lot of work to download the clojure-lsp jar dynamically, but had to retract because it made the setup too brittle. Or maybe I remember wrongly what that work was about.


Well, if we move to using a graalvm compiled binary, it may be best to move back to that. It did require handling if the download fails, checking if the file exists, etc., and since everyone needed it, it seemed wise to just package it with Calva. But with graalvm binaries we need to run the appropriate one for the OS, and I think going back to that download strategy will be wise. (Discussed this with Eric. Lsp-mode downloads clojure-lsp I think). So maybe it would be wise to do with bb too :man-shrugging:


We can have that as a todo if we start bundling more bb:s. 😃

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Incremental steps are good, indeed


Calva friends. Here’s another version of the Windows + deps.edn jack-in fixes: This one bundles deps.clj.jar instead of bb.exe. Trading 65 megabytes for a few seconds of startup time. Please help test it even if you are not using Windows, or not using deps.edn on Windows.


Works fine on manjaro (arch) linux, using deps.edn


Hello. Long time ago Calva-fmt was a separate plugin and can be installed independently from Calva. But nowadays they both are merged into one. Can you suggest me standalone formatter for Clojure in VSCode, which can format inside the current block only and by pressing customisable hotkey or Tab?


I think the easiest way here would be to compile calva-fmt to a VSIX and install that in vscode. See the wiki tab for instructions on how to compile it. You’ll need vsce to package the vsix (`npm install-g vsce` will do it).


Found out, that build version 0.0.37 (and below) works standalon. Thanks for such nice software!

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799 stars in two years. That is pretty amazing.

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Thanks! Seems you are the only one who understood that part of the update. 😃


Hey @pez and @brandon.ringe you may want to take a look on this later 🙂

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I was talking with @brandon.ringe that if GraalVM binary really works, Calva would need to download the correct binary checking the OS


Awesome stuff! Great work 🎉


Here we go!