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it's not an answer to your situation, but having tried ivy after helm, i went on to try selectrum + prescient (by the author of straight). i have been pretty happy with the result.


thanks! does it support showing candidates in a full buffer?


because basically i love what ivy is doing, i just want it in a full buffer


not sure i quite get what you mean by a full buffer. don't know if this answers your question but there are some images here of what selection can look like:


minibuffer: that tiny section bottom of screen. full buffer: where you edit your code. i use a left+right full-height buffer system, so i want the candidate list to appear in whichever one my cursor focus isn't in, just like helm does it


i don't think there is built in functionality for completions to appear in anything other than the minibuffer (but i'm new to selectrum). it appears there is some external package to display completions in a child frame mentioned in this section: but that doesn't sound like what you describe.


ok, thank you for responding!


good luck in your quest :)


I'm still using helm as surprsingly it still works even without a maintainer and some how there are still updated packages coming through, so for a project that has lost its author it still seems active. I'll be sticking with helm for the rest of the year and probably much longer as I would miss many of the features not present in Ivy or other simpler approaches. Spacemacs also has a good Ivy setup, so its only one configuration value to change if I ever need to. I've tried Ivy before but I miss the features and approach that helm takes.


if i had known about selectrum / presicent sooner i think i would have switched regardless of whatever is happening with helm. anywhere / helm is one of the key things that helped me to start using emacs again some time back, but it's nice to see that others are also providing similar takes on the basic idea. i am happy there are alternatives -- i had not experienced ivy nor selectrum before recent events, but i'm glad i tried both out.

Gleb Posobin13:09:40

When I have `(let [x 10] (* x 10 |))` on the top level, where `|` is the position of the cursor, and I am trying to insert e.g. 20 on a new line, I press enter but the cursor just moves outside the parentheses instead of moving the closing parentheses onto the new line, so the new state looks like:

(let [x 10] (* x 10))
instead of the expected
(let [x 10] (* x 10
How do I disable this behavior? I am not sure what package is responsible for that, maybe parinfer? How do I figure such stuff out by myself?

Gleb Posobin13:09:57

I am using doom emacs with clojure mode, I think those lines are the relevant ones from the config I am using:

Gleb Posobin13:09:12

Yeah, ok, it's parinfer's fault. How do I add last elements of lists then?

Gleb Posobin13:09:53

So apparently after entering a new line, I need to use C-f and C-b to position the cursor at the right indentation level and enter the form I want to add, according to the entry for smart-tabs here: But when I do C-f, cursor indeed moves to the next indentation level, but quickly resets back to the start of the line.


i'm not really all that experienced with parinfer, but recently tried out this other implementation: -- don't know if that will be any better, but fwiw. btw, there is also a #parinfer

Gleb Posobin14:09:12

Ugh why is everything so painful with emacs... Have spent a couple of hours on this now.


I would recommend that you consider disabling parinfer and trying that out for a while.


Parinfer sounds like the culprit here. I’ve never seen the appeal

Gleb Posobin14:09:39

I can't even understand where it is being added.


if you are using doom i highly recommend asking at the discord server


the maintainer gives great support