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Hello! May I ask how do I get Luminus working on mobile? 🙂

Michaël Salihi07:09:34

@zackteo Luminus is a set of libraries, sort of super templates. What did you means with "working on mobile"? What's your project?


I was thinking of trying to get it to work on mobile via react native o:


@zackteo there is no react native profile, so no template code to achieve this out-of-the-box. Shouldn't be a problem to build up / include such a process yourself, I would think.

Michaël Salihi11:09:21

@zackteo Yes, if your react application needs back end, you can use Luminus for example for a REST API and for the front end part you can take care of the configuration with a CLJS wrapper of React (Reagent + Re-frame for example) and Shadow- CLJS or Figwheel-main for the build. Some resources: •