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Yet another place to enjoy Clojure things... We are starting to host the  apropos-clojure  live stream on Discord as of the next episode on Wed 30th Oct 2000 CEST Here is an invite link that will not expire: We will continue posting the recordings on YouTube for folks that can't or don't want to join live. Hope to see you there Ray

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Released deps.clj 0.0.10, a 100% Clojure port of the Clojure CLI Parity with Clojure Tools

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Major change to the Practicalli Clojure deps.edn user wide configuration for Clojure CLI Alias names are now qualified, using the pupose as the name, e.g. :project/new and :project/outdated . This makes alias names shorter whilst still conveying their use across all projects. Examples of using aliases with the new -M and -X flags (where supported) have bee added and all instances of the -A flag have been deprecated or replaced. The -M flag replaces all previous uses of -R and -A. Library versions used in all aliases updated as of today, 26th September 2020, using the :project/outdated alias that runs the very useful antq library.

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