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Babashka, a native scripting env for Clojure, v0.2.1 released: - http-kit client + server - support for implementing IDeref and IAtom - clojure.pprint/cl-format and multiple fixes and enhancements. Thanks @cljtogether for sponsoring this release. Release notes: Visit #babashka for questions.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:09:58 is now available (this is a release, NOT a prerelease) • Added (-X) • Added (-P) • Expanded (-M) to support all argmap arguments • Added new argmap attributes for :ns-aliases and :ns-default • Added new available via -X:deps alias (git-resolve-tags, mvn-install, mvn-pom, tree) • Deprecated -R, -C (use -X, -M, or -A instead) • Deprecated unqualified lib names in deps.edn (use fully qualified lib names) • Deprecated alias tool args :deps and :paths (use :replace-deps and :replace-paths) • Removed -O (use -X, -M, or -A) • Removed -Sresolve-tags (use -X:deps git-resolve-tags) • - Fixes to -Spom generation with srcDirectory • - Better error handling for bad coordinates • - Handle absolute resource paths in pom deps • Use 0.9.810

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:09:37 is now available • Add Throwable return type hint to ex-cause • Avoid reflection in • Eliminate duplicate doc string printing for special forms • Improve error message for case Fix case expression branch analysis that resulted in compilation error • Fix errors in printing some maps with namespace syntax

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seancorfield21:09:36 1.0.16 is available -- now auto-creates directories in the specified test path if necessary and exits with a non-zero status if the generated test file cannot be required (due to errors in your readme code, for example)

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👌 very nice — I’ll not need to use org-mode for things like this now