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So eh, I'm hoping to update my laptop and general currently-non-existent office setup soon. Just curious 1. If anyone has any laptops to recommend. I love Thinkpads so I'm highly considering the X1 Extreme, but I'm also highly considering the Macbook, as in the past my overall Mac experience felt very polished, and I have nothing currently with Mac OS 2. Opinions on ultrawides versus a multiple normal sized monitors? Its been 5 years since I had any monitor setup and I'm ready to go back


I have a X1 Extreme - since February. Fantastic machine. Running Arch Linux without any issue.


That makes me feel better, the two things pushing me away were 1. Battery life -- I've heard its battery life (with 4k, which I'd want) isn't the greatest, and after borrowing a macbook with wonderful battery life recently, I just want that sort of portability for once -- even if I'll rarely use it 2. Mac OS -- I have many thinkpads (although I still need to get a modern one -- these are old), but I have nothing with Mac OS, so I'd like to get at least one machine running it


but I just keep thinking on it and 1. I prefer devving on linux, although sometimes I enjoy the smoothness of mac os more, at least the last time I used it (lots of little inconsequential things had less friction) 2. Again, I love thinkpads and I'd hope it'd last me forever like the rest lol


I have the first gen X1E. Great machine, but in retrospective, I would go with a T series. The X feels more delicate, tends to heat up faster, and I don't really use the gpu.


Also less expensive, of course


Love the built-in usb-c dock


It's a little bit expensive (and there might be better options nowadays), but worth it IMO for something you use all day every day


I hear you about the battery life, but tbh, I'm rarely away from any source of power.


I do a lot of work on my X1 Extreme, it is a great machine to work on - I use Arch with i3 (gaps) and kitty terminal (gpu powered). It's a very pleasant experience.


I use Arch and i3 on all my desktops. I have a MBP that I use for some other things, so best of both 🙂


Yea, the fact that I'd hardly use it is also making me go back and forth, but I also remember my time with a Macbook where it felt so convenient when I actually needed it, and how it felt like I could get similar quality without that compromise. That being said, the last time I even had my laptop away was months ago, and before that a few more months (where I had an outlet anyways), so its tricky, since it shouldn't be too significant and I love the thinkpad more


Hehe that was one of my original first choices


I'm thinking on the X1 Extreme (15') and Macbook 16' over something 13' and 14' just because whatever the case, I know myself and will still spend a lot of time programming in bed, and when I do so that extra screen size is so much better. Meanwhile, I want some portability for the occasional trips away, but I think both of those are just light and portable enough


@zdot101 I've been an Apple customer for almost 30 years but I'm switching over to Windows 10 and WSL2 running Ubuntu now.


I just bought a Surface Laptop 3 and I'm loving it.


ty sean! I wondered if you were gonna mention that lol I saw you mention something like that (last week?) and it sorta pushed me to write something here to begin with, as I realized at least one other person was laptop shopping as well


I am still undecided about external monitors tho' so I'll be interested to see what folks recommend.


I picked this up on sale last summer and use it to switch between desktop and surface pro and XPS docks: I like the display pretty well. I stopped using the Dell-provided software for the zone management and just use now. The KVM functionality is part of what attracted me, and it's...okay, but a little flaky.


@chuck.cassel I was actually looking at that display... seems very reasonably priced for what it is... does it work okay on its own? Is it just the KVM switching that is flaky?


(I wasn't sure whether to get the travel dock when I bought my Surface so I don't know whether I could just plug that monitor straight in -- I don't need to switch between systems)


yeah the display itself works fine...I think you could probably connect the surface laptop directly with USB-C for display + USB hub functionality


my issues may be partially self-inflicted by having another USB hub downstream from the KVM. It works 99% of the time now, but I had to do a lot of swapping what was attached where when I first got the monitor to get peripherals to wake up properly from sleep or reattach when switching from desktop/laptop.


Sounds like the issue I had years ago with too many USB devices -- which I solved by buying a powered USB hub to daisy-chain every off...


Can anyone recommend a Teams alternative that's not slack? We only really need secure text communication in a compact format so even an IRC server would do the trick, but maybe thee's something more modern and easy to manage. The primary things that are annoying about teams/slack for us are: • the UI:s are very slow (especially teams) • the incredible waste of space with padding • pasting terminal output / logs / code snippets is 90% of what we use it for and it's not great for that


tangental, but it sounds like maybe you should augment whatever chat product you use with a pastebin, at my last company we ran our own pastebin service which came in all kinds of handy for sharing that kind of stuff. We even used it a few times to deploy hot patches


I think the pastebin we ran was


Yeah that might be a good idea - still the unbearable chatting experience in Teams is my first target of attack..


seems is out of business. Github is OK


Does anybody have a copy of Building Git by James Coglan they could let me borrow? I currently don’t have the money for it but hope to buy it soon.


Yet another place to enjoy Clojure things... We are starting to host the apropos-clojure live stream on Discord as of the next episode on Wed 30th Oct 2000 CEST Here is an invite link that will not expire: We will continue posting the recordings on YouTube for folks that can't or don't want to join live. Hope to see you there Ray

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On Sept 27 (Tomorrow) at 3 PM - 6 PM EST there will be a discord event at I’ve been meaning to check out a live code event but haven’t had the chance yet. The gist of it is a coder, while live, creates both music and visuals to go along as a performance. Not sure what to expect but I’m excited to check it out. Since it’s on discord for now it’s open to anyone.

eccentric J20:09:01

:man-facepalming: After more discussion it turns out I got some details wrong. This upcoming meetup is more of a discussion\hangout and not a performance. My apologies on this!

eccentric J20:09:03

I’m writing a draft for our internal docs to explain why Clojure was used and the value Clojure offers. Currently, I got a good chunk of a draft done on the domain-driven aspects but wanted to get some eyes on it in case there’s a better way to go about it or it’s unclear what I’m getting at. comments are enabled but here is fine too.

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for me, one of the biggest value propositions (pun intended) from clojure is that everything is built using immutable data structures. having the core data structures be immutable makes it easy and idiomatic to build libraries out of pure functions. pure functions are really great building blocks for writing complex programs that are reliable, flexible, and built-to-last. obviously, there's lots of other cool stuff, but I think that's one of bigger differences compared to other languages/ecosystems.

eccentric J00:09:58

That’s a fair point, though I’ve already written a page for functional programming principles and specifically covered immutability and composability. This topic seemed a bit more challenging to convey so wanted some review. I’ll adjust how I frame it though so it’s not like its THE differentiating factor, but I don’t want to underestimate the importance of that because it wouldn’t matter if the pieces were simple if it was written in incomprehensible gibberish.


i'm unfamiliar with the term "Domain-Driven Development" so I'm not sure I fully understood the post. It seems like the post already assumes some knowledge of Domain-Driven Development practice and jargon.

eccentric J00:09:47

That’s very helpful, definitely a trapping I wanted to catch early. Thank you!

eccentric J00:09:12

Tried to add a quick intro to domain driven development terminology. If that still doesn’t’ cut it, I’ll keep the intro and start over the rest from scratch.


oh, I've also never used notion. not sure how to look at the latest version

eccentric J02:09:14

Refresh should do it if you’re in browser


Testing is also something to consider a plus imo. Its fundamentally easier to test systems built around flow of data than ones based around mutation of objects


truthfully, I don't think explaining domain driven development as a concept works as a justification - though your explanation is so far very well written and clear.


The real justification can come from describing the nature of what you are trying to build and the different directions your product can grow in the future. Then show the pros/cons of clojure in that context.


For instance, if you are making an app that handles data flow heavily you can make the argument that the programming model more closely matches the essence of the task than the competing options on the JVM. Then there are benefits to the JVM that outweigh other dynamic options, etc


There are real tradeoffs to clojure, so for internal docs its important to clearly outline the ones you considered and the way you weighted the pros and cons.

eccentric J05:09:11

That's a good point about tests, which I hadn't considered, as well as about DDD not being a justification. One nuance here is that the codebase is already written in Clojure so this serves as a more specific why it was chosen. To your point though DDD is the result of being able to describe what we are trying to build and how it can adapt over time so I should focus on those aspects. It's sort of explaining why happened where just defining the class names and relationships was more code than to get it to run in Clojure.


If its already built, then maybe treat it as a reflection? Like "We started this system in clojure because I wanted to and thats basically all the reasoning I needed but we ended up seeing these benefits with [ticket #] where alternatives would have required XYZ"


(very much not an authority on anything, so piles of salt on any suggestions I make)

eccentric J06:09:02

Not a bad idea. That document is a sub-document of I already intended to create a page on Clojure Tradeoffs.

Pradeep B08:09:58

I understand the fundamental difference between imperative/functional programming and also understand the smaller example (like add function etc). I wonder if there is any such comparitive application open source code/ writeup which talks about the big production grade application leveraging the advantages Clojure/Lisp brings in.

eccentric J18:09:47

I can see the value in producing an article like that but this is a machine-to-machine system so it’s a bit simpler than a system that’s user facing. Though imo the reason why Clojure is compelling in those smaller cases is the same for the bigger projects too, there’s just more pieces.