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Hey! Anyone here used doom-emacs for Clojure development? I'm curious to hear about your experience.

Cora (she/her)11:03:16

it works well enough for me, I like it

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Cool. Have you been using it for long? I got started with Emacs in 2017, and tried a bunch of starter kits before finding Spacemacs. I've enjoyed Spacemacs a lot, especially the Org-mode config. Since then, I've come to prefer Org-mode for all kinds of information. Recently, I've become annoyed at the keyboard input latency using Spacemacs, which occationally spikes from okay-ish to bad. At the same time, I don't want to configure Emacs from scratch. From what I've read about Doom, it could be a nice fit.

Cora (she/her)14:03:53

I found spacemacs really slow and confusing and always breaking and no real help to be had to fix things. in contrast doom is fast, uses light integration code so you're mostly just using whatever packages, things are extremely stable, and the maintainer and others are usually available to help on their discord

Cora (she/her)14:03:55

the keybindings are a little less intuitive than spacemacs mnemonics but like anything you adjust and it's fine

Cora (she/her)14:03:42

also doom's upgrade process is really great and the declarative package management is stellar


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Looks like I'm giving it a shot!

Cora (she/her)14:03:00

it's trivial to switch back, so ¯\(ツ)

Cora (she/her)14:03:36

I mean, since all of doom's configs live in .doom.d in your user directory


Yeah, setup was a breeze! I already have some symlinks for Spacemacs, a vanilla one and Purcell's.

Cora (she/her)18:03:22

if you pin to a later doom-themes there are some cool nice new themes like doom-monokai

Cora (she/her)18:03:07

I pin a newer cider and a newer doom-themes:

;; newer doom-themes
(package! doom-themes :pin "1eea551")

;; try newer cider in case that is causing lockups
(package! cider :pin "c027c49")

Cora (she/her)18:03:25

(that's in packages.el)

Cora (she/her)18:03:39

also (package! evil-cleverparens) is nice

Cora (she/her)18:03:26

also be sure to check out the map! macro, makes mapping new stuff sooooooo easy


Thanks for the suggestions! I just had to wrap my head around the map! macro. I've gotten a few of my hand-wired Spacemacs shortcuts back by now. Starting to feel good 😎


you'll probably want to talk with @corasaurus-hex, but it may be some hours before he is around due to timezone issues.

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is melpa down?


> Error (use-package): Failed to install flycheck-clj-kondo: Not found


or is it a problem with my new config? :thinking_face:


ah, M-x package-refresh-contents to the rescue


is there an opposite of clojure-align?


I have a bad habit of aligning any map/let that my cursor touches, but not all my colleagues agree with that 🙂


@plexus No, there’s not, but I guess it shouldn’t be hard to create something that strips the extra whitespace.