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There was a class about Rust and the professor argued that it was enlighting to map languages by couple vectors: • expressive: how easy it is to describe computation • control how much programmer can control machine • truthniness: likelyhood program means what programmer wants • safeness: minimize impact of programmer mistakes That you can break it down to two axis: safety vs control Which is why rust can justify existing because it ranks in an area that wasn't previously occupied. Of course i think there is coupling evidence that, like everything, marketing is the biggest deal for popularity.


Those are nice criteris




But I hate that expressive is defined as easy, which is a weasel word


Also seems to lack joy and productivity, which I'd consider important characteristics


Its also interesting to put expressiveness next to truthiness


I think I'd disagree about that a bit


With expressive languages, there is a risk that you assume things that are wrong, since to do a lot you say so little, things aren't spelled out in as much details, so I can see that hurting truthiness.


But on the other hand, certain things are made more clear as well, like (map inc list) is much likely program meant what I wanted there, then if I rolled a whole loop, or implemented this with a goto.


Yet it is also very expressive


there's an underlying assumption that computation == working with hardware, which makes my SICP-spidey sense tingle


currently studying it happily :) the carrots for me are currently: * had not worked with a language that uses raii pervasively so getting some experience there where the compiler can also give useful feedback in that area seemed like a decent opportunity for learning * seems to make working with wasm (unfortunate name) fairly practical * appears to allow practical use of a specific library i'm interested in some areas where it looked otherwise like too much work * there's a project i'm using that is written in rust that has some rough edges -- if i knew rust, may be i could fix / improve some of those things * some of the command line programs that are written in rust seem to work pretty decently on linux, macos, windows, so the cross-platform side of thing looks on the favorable side in a number of instances


Anyone remember the name of that lisp interface to mac os? Gahh I can't remember enough about it to really even google for it, I think you could sort of interface with apple script via a lisp or something like that.


anyone using datadog tracing (apm) for clojure projects with problems? I follow the java setup guideline and for some reason I cant receive metrics for it. Any special setup was required?


Have a nice weekend all, especially those of us stuck indoors!

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Some interesting news about CV19. Apparently 99% of those who died in Italy had other illnesses: Seems to corroborate the idea that Iran's death rate is higher because its war with Iraq that started in 1988 left much of the now 60+ people with poor lungs, see's_use_of_chemical_weapons


Any follow-up to this post should happen in #covid-19 -- (with my Admin Hat on).

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