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good morning folks!

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What are the covid19 restrictions where you are?


SWE: not much, no gathering of 500+ ppl, that's about it I think.


all still very voluntary here other than the schools closing. Hospitals and care homes aren't allowing visitors. The supermarkets are limiting people to 3 of any one kind of thing and most of them are doing reduced hours and the 1st hour is open only to over 70s and other vulnerable individuals


Quite restrictive here in France: stay home and only get out when necessary and with a written declaration of why you are leaving your home, or else you may be fined. Personally I find this totally disproportionate, I don't believe this is just about fighting CV19, it's also a very convenient way to tame the yellow vest uprising which is still going on every saturday


For the record, I'm also French and don't agree with that assessment - I believe the health situation and relatively casual attitude of some French citizens in front of it have warranted such restrictions. (And I have no love lost for the government's historical treatment of the yellow vests movement)

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French too, and I strongly agree with Val. The government will be held accountable for many things once this crisis is finally over. But now is just the time to stay at home and save lives.


Happy for people to disagree and I also hope they will be held accountable. Personally I am cautious about the drumbeat given for this virus which in the end is no more dangerous than any other flu, and this leaves me wondering about the real intent behind this whole charade. Chloroquine is an effective treatment, it's been freely available in pharmacies in France for the last 50 years and it just happen that 2 months ago the law made a prescription necessary to get it. How convenient. If you speak French I recommend this video:


Oh just realised this thread is in #clojure-europe, we should continue on #covid-19


@U68FTQKUJ translating your source from French: "those expressing their opinion from knowledge must themselves have verifiable knowledge". Waiting for your credentials!


I fail to see how my credentials are relevant. Maybe those of the speaker in the video, but even then I would suggest to check the data, not who's speaking.


Well, you expressed your medical opinion, so as per the video you posted, we need to know whether that opinion is qualified. It appears we have our answer on that. Of course, everyone is free to do their research. I would recommend them to be cautious not just of the data, but of their own inferences. Also, conspiracy theories posted in chatrooms are usually not a very unbiased way to start establishing a scientific bibliography. Take care.


coincidences theories don't help either, ciao


lockdown in Bavaria.


Not as strict as france but fines can be up to 25k€.


No allows to go outside except for important reasons, including commute to work, shopping groceries etc. Walking in nature is allowed together with people you normally live with.