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I have a project which has a deps.edn dependency to a private repo, Clojure deps is failing to pull the dependency with:

Cloning: [email protected]:grzm/psycho-roll.git
Error building classpath. [email protected]:grzm/private-repo.git: invalid privatekey: [B@1653b84e
org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: [email protected]:grzm/private-repo.git: invalid privatekey: [B@1653b84e
Seems like it’s an issue with my SSH keys, but I’m a bit puzzled as I can clone this same dependency from from the command line with git clone without any problem, and the necessary keys show up when using ssh-add -l. Hints on what I might be doing wrong?


Is this the best guide to use for getting running on Windows?


the #clj-on-windows channel can also provide help with this


Oh nice, thanks!


it definitely has relevant info that people have referenced here from time to time. the scoop option mentioned at the bottom of the page appears to be somewhat popular. would recommend checking that out.


i have been using that successfully.

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