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Hi, is this an appropriate place to ask questions about Calva, or is it primarily for contributors?


Hello, @credulous! This is very much the right place. It just got named like this b/c, well, reasons. 😃 Anyway, it is both for contributors and for user questions. Which means it can get a bit chatty at times. Just mute it if you get annoyed by that.


Groovy! I got excited after seeing the video above, and was trying it out. I’ve never been clever enough to figure out the tooling behind a full-stack clojure/script app so was pretty pumped by how simple this looks.


A few glitches though which I don’t get. First, when I start a new project (just like the video) and run jack-in for client and server, I get three repl tabs popping up, not one… is that expected? Two “clj” and one “cljs”, with two of them having only instructions and no prompt.


That is a bit broken and should be fixed. It should only open two.... I don't see it and it doesn't show in the video b/c I have set the REPL windows to not open on connect. (That's a Calva setting).


OK cool… am I OK to close the CLJ window that has no prompt?


I think so. Does the prompt in the other CLJ window still work if you do that?


In the prompt, backspace doesn’t work, and hitting enter gets me Running the contributed command: 'calva.replWindow.newLine' failed.


But I didn’t try typing at the prompt first. 😕 I’ll restart vscode and try again


Please file that as a bug. I am looking at these things right now so can hopefully fix pretty quick.


But for now I recommend that you set Calva to not open the REPL windows automatically on connect. That will make things as they are in the video. And also won't lure you into REPLing at the prompt, which is inferior to REPLing in the editors anyway.


Hi everyone. Sorry for asking this again (pretty sure I asked this previously a while ago), but with the default calva / paredit keybindings - how do I step forward / backwards one "word" at a time (usual key binding would be ctrl+right / ctrl+left)


I've looked here but it seems to be eluding me


So something else than forward/backward sexp?


Afk at the moment... Will double check a little later to confirm


alt+right/left moves words, disregarding structure. At least on mac.


Thanks Peter. Not quite what I'm expecting (I'm on Linux though, but don't think that should matter). An example of what I mean is if I have a long string (like a doc string) and I want to move forward over each word (like normal ctrl+right or like emacs M+f), not over the entire form.


Within the string words are considered to be sexpressions though. So you then either move down into the form and then word by word, or you rebind the shortcuts to match what you are used to. All movement commands are still there.

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