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quite often I want to do a projectile action on another project from the one I'm on


for example search a string, and at the moment I always have to - switch project with projectile-switch-project - call the desired projectile action


I wonder if I could merge the two things, I could just redefine other key-strokes merging the switch and the actual action I need


anyone has a better solution though? Anyone else has the same "problem"?


I don't know but for "projects" I use often (meaning leiningen/git projects) I just defined a single projectile project by putting them into a single directory and creating .projectile


I have a macro that handles a special form inside its body and I would like to have a style/indent for it, can I do that knowing it is not defed anywhere and I would like to avoid to bake it inside my emacs config and make it project wide?


basically if I can fake a :style/indent somehow for it that would be perfect


@andrea.crotti do you have layouts installed (its part of Spacemacs by default). You can have a layout for each project and use SPC l to switch between them, or if you have just two projects SPC l TAB will switch between them. Then you can call a project specific action. As @jumar mentioned, I sometimes create a blank .projectile file in the root of all my projects and then I can run searches through them. Then just delete that file when I am done to go back to specific git projects.