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In mac how do I sto the annoying dialogs warning me when cleaning buffers?


elaborate (?)


I actually found it's related to perspective mode


I have midnight set up to clean my buffers, and if it clears a buffer in one perspective that "belongs" to another it ask for a comfirmation via a window


perspective mode gives me the most problems with buffers, I'm trying to just disable it wholesale


I have same challenge when tidying up buffers. Would be nice to have a a for all option when closing files in another perspective rather than just q or k. Example senario: I seem to get a lot of magit buffers hanging around. So I use SPC b B to see the global list of buffers. Then type magit as the pattern to list just those buffers. M-SPC opens up Helm transient state and I can use T to mark all buffers. M-D will delete all buffers, then I have to press k for every buffer that isnt in the current one (I even tried this in perspective 1, with the same results)


it took me a minute to open persp-mode.el and I found this var: persp-kill-foreign-buffer-behaviour.


and these are the choices you can set it to:

- "Ask what to do" :value ask
 - "Don't ask if a buffer belongs only to weak perspectives"
           :value dont-ask-weak
 - "Just kill" :value kill
 -"Do not suggest foreign buffer to the user(kill buffer)" :value nil


I believe that can fix annoying prompt when killing buffers outside of current layout


I’m not sure what is “weak perspective” is though