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So, what is the status of CLJ-2320? In my case I can limp along with s/merge, but this is (according to the issue itself) a 'major' priority but does not appear to have had any activity since last June. OTOH, it doesn't have any votes either. I don't have an account so can't log in to vote anyway...


Also, why would what is effectively a 'logic system' use short circuiting semantics for an 'and' operator???


@jsa-aerial Anyone can create a JIRA account, I believe...


I think s/and really has to be short-circuiting since some predicates may blow up if they don't have a guard predicate ahead of them...?


@U04V70XH6 Sounds like a likely explanation, but in this context that 'should not happen'. Put another way, that should be up the user's predicates. If a 'guard' operator is wanted - call it 'guard' or some such.

Christian Johansen08:02:06

Is there any way to associate a docstring with a spec?

Josip Gracin08:02:29

not in spec1, AFAIK

Christian Johansen08:02:42

do you know if it's planned for 2?

Josip Gracin08:02:12

I should probably let Alex answer that, but I believe it will probably be in spec2

Josip Gracin08:02:27

my belief is based on previous discussions of this on slack and mailing lists

Christian Johansen08:02:58

ok, cool. I haven't followed either of those closely, so crossing my fingers 🙂


@christian767 I think @bbrinck has done some trickery in expound wrt docstrings on specs....


No, that was custom error messages.


Is there a good way to debug slow generators when running a Spec check?