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I wonder if this is going to be really boring ;)


I'll take a closer look this morning, but your comment about react.js is probably this. I think you should be able to connect anyway though.


Anyway, I can reproduce, which is interesting. So I'll take a poke around 🙂


This is an interesting one, going to have fun with this :)


@rgm you appear to have found a bug in nrepl 0.6.0, I'm going to report this upstream in #nrepl initially, and see if there's something obvious. Reverting back to nrepl 0.5.3 & cider 0.20.0 solves the issue though.


@rgm I've reported it, and I think I've found the root cause 🙂


Apparently it's a bug in an assumption that piggieback is making, but yeah the nrepl team is on it!

Noah Bogart11:02:43

Damn, what good detective work!


I have a history of tracking these down, they get easier each time as I go insane deeper into the rabbit hole.


I have both vim-fireplace and vim-classpath yet I get Exception not caught: Fireplace: :Connect to a REPL or install classpath.vim Any ideas how would I work out whats happening?

Jan K12:02:46

Do you have a REPL running?


I didn’t but thought it should start in that case?

Jan K18:02:56

It takes a long time to start a REPL, typically you start it yourself beforehand so that it gets reused. Although I guess with the right setup I think vim-fireplace should be able to start it for one-off evaluation, not sure why it's not doing it in your case.


@dominicm wow, thank you for looking into this! I don’t know what to say (well, other than that there was no hope I was going to find that on my own).


@rgm no problem at all :) my trick for finding it was to pick a namespace in the stack and jump to source to it from fireplace and add printlns


So did dropping to 0.5.3 / cider 0.20.0 make the “can’t find react” error show up?


hm, checked it myself and ... nope, still starting up Nashorn:


hey @ingvij you might want to get acid.nvim listed at 🙂


Surely want to. Thanks for pointing out


no problem