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The next Clojure study group is on Sunday 24th February, 11am UK time (UTC). I will cover the basics of creating an API with compojure-api library and Leiningen template. We will walk through the sample code and extend it. We will discuss this aspects as we go along: - ring - handling requests - lein-ring to start our application and reload code changes - brief intro to prismatic schema for defining things (like pizza) - swagger for self documenting apis See the Meetup page or simply visit my YouTube channel

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@jr0cket sounds fantastic. So maybe Iā€™m new to this internet thing, but is it a physical meet or... not? šŸ˜…


It's all by the mystic power of YouTube... I used to run a monthly meetup in person between 2012 and 2017, where I ran a Clojure workshop. However I lost access to the venue, so have learned to 'love' broadcasting instead :)

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Very cool! Thanks šŸ˜€