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so I'm struggling when copy/paste refactoring due to paredit. I know C-q ) will let me force insert a closing paren but how do I force delete a closing paren?


I'm thinking the real solution will be to splice, barf, or slurp somewhere in the function right? but I would like the option to force delete if possible.


well the real solution seems to actually be to kill only to the appropriate paren but still!


I don't understand this pain because it's easy to copy and paste valid s exprs. Why are you ending up with invalid expressions


I think what was happening is I was killing from within the middle of a large function and not ending my point at the appropriate paren. So the solution is to pay better attention to my rainbow delimiters and make sure I have the valid s expr from the very beginning instead of just taking it all the way to the end of the line.


Prefix with C-u to force delete, e.g. C-u C-d