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before I start digging deeper, anyone here noticed this weird behavior? after jacking-in or connecting to already running nrepl a blank screen shows up (with no usual cider help banner, whatsoever). but seems like it's just incorrectly scrolled, when I press C-l to re-position the buffer everything immediately gets visible - repl prompt, banner, etc.


There were some changes to recentering in the REPL recently – do you have any related config/customisations? Could you share your values for cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect and scroll-conservatively? (and any other config/customisations related to scrolling if possible?)


@U052B0PT3 sure, here are the values:

cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect is a variable defined in ‘cider-repl.el’.
Its value is t

scroll-conservatively is a variable defined in ‘C source code’.
Its value is 1001


I also applied the patch locally but seems like it doesn't help neither for cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect t nor for display-only values. initial banner is still scrolled up, out of the screen. I will try to dig deeper.


But I’m wondering what’s causing the scrolling not to happen on your env (you have the same config as me)


actually, what works for me is, instead of the patch you pointed to, replace it with what recenter function does. that solves my problem (with help banner on and off): (recenter (- -1 (max 0 scroll-margin)))


That might be the best solution. I removed all the recentering because it was impacting performance (and was mostly redundant because of scroll-conservatively), but doing it once at init isn’t a problem at all

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