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CIDER then extends that if you have cider-dynamic-indentation set to logical true (then it will use :indent or :style/indent metadata from the Clojure environment if possible)


(followup to the message about indent-sexp above which didn’t send earlier for some reason)


looking at that implementation, there seems to be yet another bug with using (position) to determine context, which can't differentiate between two identical forms in the same macro


whoa. interesting stuff. Yeah these functions are quite a bit beyond me at this point. That programmer is on a whole other level! He garners a lot of respect in the emacs world for his projects.


So I tried the script in cider-nrepl to try and install a local version in .m2 ... It does MrAnderson stuff but does not really install, am I missing some step?


just do make install


no idea what that's there for


but it was last touched in 2015 whereas the makefile is quite recently updated


Ok thank you very much, will try that


How can I change the version of that CIDER uses? I might want to try a fork for a while


I am doing that exactly :))) it seems like make install should do the right thing in cider-nrepl simple_smile

Joshua Suskalo19:02:59

Hey, I just opened an old project for the first time in a while, and I'm getting an exception on repl startup with CIDER where one of the injected middlewares (namely pprint) won't compile, which causes the repl to fail to load.

error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException: Syntax error compiling var at (cider/nrepl/middleware/pprint.clj:73:3).
#:clojure.error{:phase :compile-syntax-check, :line 73, :column 3, :source "cider/nrepl/middleware/pprint.clj", :symbol var}
Those are the two lines at the top of the stack trace. I figured this would be an easy fix, I'd just disable the pprint middleware, but I can't find the documentation which would tell me how to do this, and the variables I'm inspecting in emacs don't seem to actually give me the list of middlewares used.

Joshua Suskalo20:02:04

I've tried some more recent projects and it's broken there as well.


What version of cider and lein do you have?

Joshua Suskalo20:02:42

lein version 2.9.0, cider is 0.18.0snapshot

Joshua Suskalo20:02:04

just using the default cider which is currently in spacemacs develop, and the version of lein in the arch repos


Ok. So cider 21 requires lein 2.9.0 and cider 19 and below require lein 2.8.3


So you'll need to correct one or the other

Joshua Suskalo20:02:01

Alright, thanks. I'll see about updating cider then.


does anyone cider-connect to images running on a docker host? I'm working on a patch to make this a bit easier and wondering what problems you run into. I'm seeing navigation issues because its using the path inside the container rather than the local path. anything else anyone sees?