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OK. Last demo gif (for a while at least 😃 ). I’m still awake because I have been tweaking the signature help. Going from just showing the signature to highlighting the current argument in the signature seemed easy-peasy at first. But then, like I tried to describe in the interview, some things opens up cases! For this current-argument highlight there were several: Destructuring, ignored forms, and thread-first arguments. But I did it, afaict. If you want to help test this before release, please head over to #calva-dev , where I have posted a pre-release link. I do need the help with testing, because I had to go down and fix stuff in Calva’s Clojure parser, and I am a bit worried I have borked something. (Just a bit, but anyway.)


Finished listening to the latest podcast. Thanks for the shoutout to clj-kondo! 🙂

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you have your own slackmoji dude!


this should definitely be a netflix series of its own


how a humble Dutch man with a LISP made the world a better place

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The series could be named: Sparking Joy


haha yeah, also how about Tidy Coders: the secret to finally getting Clojure on your software

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