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Conjure v2.1.0 is out with support for evaluating a form at any given Neovim mark! This means you can evaluate things from other parts of your buffer while you work elsewhere, or even in different files and namespaces! - intro guide

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I’m looking forward to the forthcoming idiot->wizard video. 🙂


Haha, a great name for a training series.


Or maybe wizard school? I'm guessing Hogwarts has some copyright restrictions 😬


Maybe acolyte->wizard would be better, as “idiot” literally means “person that doesn’t vote” in ancient Greek, and we don’t want to upset any ancient greeks.


Yeah, I wouldn't want to upset anyone or call anyone an idiot. A video series getting people proficient with conjure might be good though. Or more posts on my site


Personally, I’d be very interested in the nothing-to-REPL-up-and-running scenario, as I’m entirely new to vim, neo or otherwise. Motivationally, I would find it much easier to learn vim around the REPL than to learn vim in order to get to the REPL, if you know what I mean.


Ah that's very interesting. Maybe a video series / live session for newbies would be good. Like an online follow along session for getting started from nothing with a bunch of plugins and stuff :thinking_face: