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Conjure v2.1.0 is out with support for evaluating a form at any given Neovim mark! This means you can evaluate things from other parts of your buffer while you work elsewhere, or even in different files and namespaces! - intro guide

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I’m looking forward to the forthcoming idiot->wizard video. 🙂


Haha, a great name for a training series.


Or maybe wizard school? I'm guessing Hogwarts has some copyright restrictions 😬


Maybe acolyte->wizard would be better, as “idiot” literally means “person that doesn’t vote” in ancient Greek, and we don’t want to upset any ancient greeks.


Yeah, I wouldn't want to upset anyone or call anyone an idiot. A video series getting people proficient with conjure might be good though. Or more posts on my site


Personally, I’d be very interested in the nothing-to-REPL-up-and-running scenario, as I’m entirely new to vim, neo or otherwise. Motivationally, I would find it much easier to learn vim around the REPL than to learn vim in order to get to the REPL, if you know what I mean.


Ah that's very interesting. Maybe a video series / live session for newbies would be good. Like an online follow along session for getting started from nothing with a bunch of plugins and stuff :thinking_face:


Announcing the initial public release of Clip (0.10.0). Clip is a dependency injection library akin to Integrant or Component that requires no modification to existing Clojure code. It works for both Clojure & ClojureScript, Sync & Async, Code & Data. Contributions of all kinds are welcome, at this stage design feedback is still very welcome. Discussions in #juxt

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Can one create multiple systems with it?


Yeah. Systems are reified, so you can def as many as you like and then start them. The concept of a system isn't a singleton.

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I'd be curious to see a comparison between this and integrant / mount / component...

dominicm15:11:42 is a for example for now. I need to port the rename to the example :)


@U08QZ7Y5S there's a handful of references to integrant/component in the rationale, or did you have something else in mind?


Ah, I see them now, but I missed them on a quick scan. I guess I was looking for a more direct "comparison to other libraries" section. No big deal though


That's probably a doc worth writing. I'll open an issue and tag you, if you don't get there first.

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A comparison table could be killer Some points aside from the obvious: - suspendability - whether the system is reified (already addressed)

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Suspension is not yet done. But is coming. I think there's an issue for this.


@UEM4BH7B3 Since you write that requires no modification to existing Clojure code is the main reason for its existence refactoring legacy applications?


@U0FT7SRLP not really. Although I think it would be a great fit there. I was frustrated at constantly adapting functions into multi methods and records. If you build granular systems, it's quite frustrating, you end up with 3-line multi methods which defer to a function doing the work. I wanted to capture the ability to write idiomatic clojure code, the kind I would put in a library without hesitation, and not have to make it aware of a particular state library. One of the other benefits I was looking for was docstrings, which vars naturally support. Something I want to explore further is for personal development setups, rather than having a pre-defined dev system. Somehow tying that into minimalistic repl driven development. But that's a major WIP for me.


@UEM4BH7B3 Thanks for explaining, make sense! The introduction of async is also interesting. I'm curious how this can be applied


The async? We use async in a project to setup re-graph. But that project has a custom system, so I made a new custom system library.


Maybe I'm thinking too much from a component perspective. I'll read the documentation better


The idea is that when you return something async, dependent components won't have their start called until the async thing is resolved.


So the async is transparent.


Are there any plans to eventually start using it in Edge?


Yeah. It's on my list. Going into the JUXT website next week, so it'll probably be done in parallel

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I've fixed the link to the clip example


To clarify, it'll be unofficially supported in edge, but probably won't be documented until I've used it a few times and I'm happy.


Ship it.

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Documented a comparison with other libraries feedback welcome on other tabs worth having

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@U09LZR36F thanks for sharing! Just curious, what is the inspiration for the name “clip”?


@U6GFE9HS7 In the sense of "to fasten together"

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