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Karl Brodowsky04:11:54

I will be in London for the time when ClojureX 2019 was originally planned and visit the alternative event instead. I hope it will be possible to set it up.

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Hi so the status so far is: - we have the funding for the pub - the list of speakers still scheduled to present - we’re waiting to hear back about the free venu - we do have promises for funding from: Twillio, AppsFlyer & Cognitect


Feel free to update here with any progress. It would be good to keep the momentum going…


Hi Alex, that’s great news. Thanks for taking the reins on this! I’m happy to say that Adzerk is also willing to contribute towards a venue or related costs. I think the pub looks nice but it’s a bit out of the way. If @cfeckardt doesn’t have any joy today with Talent then we should consider something more central with the pub as a fallback

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Agree. I'm speaking to him at 3.30


Is Google campus viable? Or is it liable to be booked out?


Used to use it ages back for this sort of thing...


@folcon if you’re happy to call them and arrange it, I don’t see that anybody will object


I mean, talking of places out of the way, people travel to Tempere from all over the world to attend a conference

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What times? Looking for their updated number...


As a benchmark, a 50-person theatre at the Museum of London is £500 for a day (9-5). It's just down the road from CodeNode. A/V included:


This seems on the cheap side, most places in the area seem closer to £1000


£800 per day, 120-person theatre capacity, A/V included, has a "beer fridge":


Regarding videos of ClojureX conference, 2016 onwards are not currently available, however 2011 to 2015 are still available (access requires a free SkillsMatter account). Links are here:


Going to bow out gracefully from this channel. Thanks for keeping it alight one way or another, does my heart good to see good people doing good things. Feel free to ping me privately if you need me.


They're booked up


@dotemacs how many people have accepted in that Google Form you sent around?


Not that many, less than 20


But I wouldn’t put that down to: “only those people want to attend”


Some of them are sponsors who wanted their details to be known


Okay I’ve spoken with the guy at I’ve given the details ~75 expected, but only 20 confirmed. 6 speakers confirmed so far, but we haven’t reached everyone yet. He’s going to take a look and see what he can do and speak to people on his end, and will get back to me on Wednesday next week latest. I’ve invited him to join this channel on slack, so he might drop in later, so that I’m not the only point of contact.


Thanks @cfeckardt :thumbsup:


Reached all the speakers yesterday, awaiting replies from some however


No worries, I also told him it has to be on the 2nd or 3rd


preferably 2nd


It seems weird that we’ve only got 20 confirmed attendees but 98 people in the channel … 😕


Yeah I would lean for 2nd too - works even for people who will want to shorten their trip


Should we keep the conf on 2nd I also believe @edoardo.tosca would be with us as speaker 🙂


I would not count those 20 as attendees. Those are the people that responded to the questionnaire. I bet more people would come if we were a bit louder about this whole thing. For example, we’ve not put this on Reddit, UK Clojure mail list or any of the other user group channels. I bet more people would be interested in attending if they knew the event was free with the potential of them speaking in a lot more informal format, should they wish to, say lighting talks…


So from what @jack.crawley92 said, tommorow should be the big day regarding the confirmation that the original conference will not be held. Should we then move quickly and officially announce the community conference tomorrow making as much noise as possible?


yes, let's see what the 'morrow brings.


She did hedge - said she would "be in a better position to inform me".


Yeah indeed 😐


We'll probably start losing attendees if we wait next week to announce though


we should stop calling it ClojureX so there won’t be any legal issue


I propose we call it: Cloju Re-X

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Yep you're right


Clojure Community Exchange 2019 ?


that’s even better


Nice one, like that. I think it’s finally dawning that we’re not really saving a conference, it’s more that we’re organising a new one!


well, don’t want to over state it but there’s probably a fair bit to do to ensure we get a good attendance


I would caution being overly optimistic given the time constraints - it's not far until December. Better to have something small, adhoc and informal now, to recover from the (potentially-most-likely) cancellation of the [original] event in December, and concentrate the efforts for next year

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:11:46

when I have helped others with conferences, my first advice is to make a plan that allows you to do it again

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:11:29

much better to be conservative and live to grow, than to end up in debt

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