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this week on clj-kondo with @borkdude

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Released Specmonstah 2, a library for writing clear and concise test fixtures:

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I'm guessing not much has changed since alpha-2?


that’s right 🙂 just one minor tweak, added additional validation on add-ents

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:11:24

"Test" not text I guess :)


lol yes, thank you 🙂


Hot New Release of Sieppari - a small, fast, and complete interceptor library! • [metosin/sieppari "0.0.0-alpha8"] (117,963 downloads in clojars partywombat) • better handling of async exceptions • dropped implicit support for core.async & manifold -> users need to require sieppari.async.core-async or sieppari.async.manifold to get those • oob support for java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage, e.g. promesa, manifold, pohjavirta, porsas & co •

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Nice! Thank you!


Thanks! There will one big refactor before a non-alpha release out - more explicit config and an optimizing compiler for kick-ass perf. Might be 1.0.0 directly.

kwladyka19:11:04 Added clojars deployment in Continuous Deployment. Finally you can easy use library in deps.edn and also lein and boot by release version. 2 good reasons to look on this library: 1) If you need form validation using spec in ClojureScript. 2) If you want to learn how to make Continuous Deployment using github actions and deps.edn to clojars look on this file and Feel free to use my github actions work in your project. It is free in public projects and soon will be official in github. 14 of November or something like that. Now I have access to it as beta tester. --- Big thanks for @seancorfield for helping me learn how to deploy to clojars ❤️ Also thanks in random order for @alexmiller @vlaaad @lilactown ❤️ I hope I didn’t miss anybody 😱

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Edamame v0.0.8 Edamame is a configurable EDN/code parser which attaches location metadata. Follow up in #babashka (which uses this as a lib).

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Edamame is delicious!