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Alex Miller (Clojure team)01:11:27

tools.deps.alpha 0.8.578, clj are now available:

* TDEPS-142 - fix for :paths replacement in alias ignored when using :deps replacement in alias - thanks to Vlad Protsenko for the report
* Switched ruby used in brew install to brew's internal ruby - this both reduces variability and may(?) allow the brew install to work on Linux brew (feedback wanted in #tools-deps)

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Just published Atom Socket REPL package Chlorine - v0.3.2. Small fixes on the way to parse Clojure forms on the editor, fixed some edge cases and better error treatment when connecting to REPL. But the biggest feature on this 0.3.x version is: Babashka, Joker, Lumo, Plank and ClojureCLR are now supported! Its possible to connect these REPLs, evaluate forms, and even some autocomplete works (except on Babashka)! Discussions on #chlorine channel.

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πŸŽ‰I'm excited to announce that Clojurists Together is funding Expound, Deep Diamond (Neanderthal), libpython-clj, and Oz $9,000 each over the next three months -

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#cljfx 1.6.0 adds significant improvement: Java 8 support! As you might know, JavaFX was previously included in JRE, but starting with JDK 11 it was removed and now is available as separate dependency, incompatible with Java 8. With 1.6.0 update, you can use cljfx both with java 8 and java 11, and correct dependencies are picked up by maven automatically. See updated section in README:

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In #cljfx land, CSS stands for Charmingly Simple Styling. This is initial release of β€” css library for cljfx (and other JavaFX-based applications).

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