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is it possible to change from unique/value to unique/identity ?


Yes. This only alters entity tempid resolution behavior.


(i.e. “upsert”)

Daniel Jomphe18:06:03

First time I inspect closely the CloudFormation changes between versions. Datomic Cloud 973-9132 is a massive simplification over the previous version (at the user-visible CFN level). Production compute went from e.g. 4k json lines of CFN to 1k lines.


How did I miss this release! 1.11.1 all around, this is a good Tuesday 😊

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Also, IonApiIntegrationId that I need. But 1.11.1 is the happy maker.


Not sure if this is the best place to report a typo. From The description for LogIngestBytes is "in-memory size of log when a database size". Judging from the description of LogIngestMsec, I'm guessing you want s/size/start

Daniel Jomphe18:06:55

Datomic Cloud 973-9132 removes the Override Settings parameter, which we used to set some environment variables to configure OpenTelemetry. We'll have to migrate to another configuration strategy for that, before we can perform the update...

Daniel Jomphe19:06:51

This feels like a breaking change. I'd have loved to see it written with this other change:

Robert A. Randolph22:06:25

@U0514DPR7 can you confirm the template URL that you're using to update please?

Robert A. Randolph22:06:38

I believe that you may be seeing an issue with that parameter due to an incorrect template being listed on that page. It is fixed, and you should be using to update.

Daniel Jomphe11:06:09

Thanks @UEFE6JWG4, the new version is good.