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how can I help on maintaining clojars?


I'm also keen to help-out (I think!)


Same here! I can dedicate some hours/week to maintaining Clojars. Have experience running infrastructure, writing Clojure code and been involved in package management before (even running my own package registries!)


@danielcompton might want to share some more info on how people can get started helping out šŸ™‚


Hi @dpsutton @kayulai2 @felix @victorbjelkholm429! Thanks for your interest! What we're looking for initially is just having more folks familiar with the system and contributing to the codebase. I think from there we can chat about becoming a maintainer. I've done a little grooming on the issues we currently have, and marked ones that would be good to work on with the ready-for-work tag: I'm happy to chat about any of those! For a system overview, you can look at I'm also happy to host a Zoom session to go over how the system works and the codebase, and answer any questions if there is interest in that!


Great, thanks for the introduction! Will take a look at getting it running locally and take a stab at some issue. Otherwise, I'd be interested in participating in a Zoom session to get an introduction if it's happening, although the codebase seems small enough that I'd be able to find my way around by just asking minor questions async over Slack.


Sounds good, thanks Victor! Feel free to ping me on anything.

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(I'm tobias on GitHub if you ping me there)


I'm zerg000000 on github. Thanks for the introduction, will look into it.


Hey @U06SGCEHJ I too would like to help out and would love to know of the expectations in the zoom call too! Had been part of maintenance of lambdaisland's infra at some point and currently help maintain #babashka and other @U04V15CAJ goodies more from the infra perspective šŸ˜„ I'm lispyclouds on Github.


Also, @U7ERLH6JX has a professional background/still active career in clojure + ops work


Thanks all! I'll try to get a zoom set up for folks that want that.

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Iā€™m quite interested as well! Hope to be able to join if you do a zoom call.


Is there any difference between just the latest released version, and the latest "promoted" version? Looking at and, the only difference between the issues is that the latter mentions "promoted" version, but not sure what that entails exactly


Clojars used to have a way to promote releases to a secondary repo, but that was never really finished and had issues, so was removed (see This is likely a reference to that.


Thanks for the clarification. I'm guessing #398 should be closed as well then


I think so, yes. I'll do that.


First PR done at least šŸ‘ addressing the first issue linked above (#332):

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This is great, thanks! I'll try to review it soon.

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