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👋 @plexus @actuallyalys_slack is a tool which allows you to call exec fns as proper Unixy CLIs. I made an example of how to call kaocha's exec-fn as a proper CLI with long opts:


I understand you're just looking for a good demonstration of babashka cli, but if people want a unixy cli for kaocha they should use the actual kaocha CLI which is powerful and documented. Introducing a fourth way to invoke kaocha is going to confuse people and lead to us having to do extra support work.


We added the exec-fn option because of popular demand, but I see very little reason for it to exist.


The point of babashka CLI is that isn't not much extra work, if you already have the exec function that you support. But if kaocha already is going to maintain two things: exec and its own CLI, then yes, good point.


Maybe look for an example that only provides an exec-fn interface, that would much better demonstrate the usefulness.


I already have those :-)

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Nice. Yeah I totally see the value proposition, but would prefer not to encourage using it with Kaocha.

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hi, we noticed this phrase that might be updated: > Currently Kaocha's versioning scheme is 0.0-${commit count}, and releases are made often. As long as the version is at 0.0 Kaocha will be considered alpha, in other words: subject to change. Keep an eye on the CHANGELOG.


PR most welcome! Kaocha like most lambda island libs uses the scheme major.releases.commits. Major is 0 initially, 1 after we've committed to API stability, and only changes to 2 if we make a follow-up library because of necessary breaking changes (like we did with deep-diff2 and kaocha-cljs2)