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Shuky Badeer11:04:16

Hi guys! Few days ago I asked a question about datomic here and someone brought up XTDB. I had a chance to look into it and it seems pretty cool. Does anyone has a good guide for how to set xtdb up on the cloud like GCP or AWS? Thanks a lot!


there's a channel for #xtdb


I took over a Datomic job and still a bit new to it. Is it bad for Datomic to transact huge amounts of data every night that is not changed? I read and found out that there are more than 2 million transactions every night that only have a :txInstant in it and I have the feeling that this is not good... Do I need to sort out what to transact in my code or is there some kind of trick to it?


As long as you can pay for the storage, conceptually its sound


you are reasserting facts


someone else can probably accurately tell you if itll be a problem


well, if they’re empty transactions, it’s not known what facts are being asserted


these could actually be submitted as empty transactions.


The presence of the transaction itself could be a signal that a job was done, but for that to be useful signal the transaction would need some other metadata on it, not be completely empty.


I would say this is possibly a code smell, but operationally it’s not a problem in itself


i read it as re-transacting a bunch of data and the only difference was the timestamp


ok, thanks. so it is a problem for the underlying storage like sql-db but not for datomic itself?! It is growing strong and needs to be contained.


well, is it? 2 million empty transactions is not going to take much space


it’s only going to take log space, and won’t take any index space


yeah, it is every night and the underlying oracle is more than 2tb already and growing fast


> i read it as re-transacting a bunch of data and the only difference was the timestamp From the tx log, you can’t tell the difference between this and (d/transact conn [])


right, I am already checking for empty now

Linus Ericsson06:04:14

If you want to avoid doing a lot of entirely empty transactions (which doesn't really give you much in terms of traceability) you should look in the db (d/db conn) for the data you try to upsert. If it is already there, you don't have to transact anything. But maybe you should create a transaction tagged with data that makes it apparent the system has made the integrity check of the data instead. This probably wont have to use 2 million transactions per night, though...

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Does it make history queries slower when there are retransactions every night with unchanged data?


no, because there are no datoms


the only datoms are the :db/txInstant datoms