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just a general data modeling question, now that composite keys are usable, is it still best practice to use uuids as primary keys everywhere? or is it better to use composite keys and not have the uuid? in my particular case, I have multiple projects (`:project/uuid`) but each project has its own tokens numbered starting from 0, so the tokens have the non-unique attribute :token/id and the unique composite attribute :token/project+id . is that best practice or should the tokens just have a :token/uuid attribute for its primary key? separate question, should the token's composite key be project ref + token id (a long) or should it be project uuid + token id?


It really depends on your use case. > each project has its own tokens numbered starting from 0 Assuming that it’s a long because you need to sort the tokens by primary key, a sequential unique key. might be a good alternative. UUID v6 (Draft) CUID

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I have the following Dockerfile:

FROM alpine:latest
   RUN apk add wget
   RUN wget --continue --tries=0 [email protected] --http-password=bar  -O datomic-pro-$
   CMD ["datomic-pro-$VERSION/bin/transactor" "config/samples/"]
However, I’m getting this error upon running it:
docker build . -f Dockerfile_db -t humboi/database --build-arg VERSION=1.0.6316
#6 748.3 2021-07-31 13:56:30 (127 KB/s) - Connection closed at byte 96492108. Retrying.
#6 748.3
#6 749.3 --2021-07-31 13:56:31--  (try: 2)  
#6 749.3 Connecting to  ()||:443... connected.
#6 751.6 HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
#6 751.6 2021-07-31 13:56:33 ERROR 403: Forbidden.
#6 751.6
executor failed running [/bin/sh -c wget --continue --tries=0 --http-password=3c40665b-34cf-4963-ac33-2d997c025a2d  -O datomic-pro-$]: exit code: 8

Drew Verlee21:07:38

http-direct only supports one entry point correct? I don't need it to support more, i'm just sanity checking my understanding of whats going on.