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Stel Abrego18:07:38

Hey Graalers, I zprint via GraalVM for NixOS (it's currently available on the unstable channel), and for the build script I just copy pasted zprint's But I'm concerned that the options aren't optimal for building on consumer machines, in particular these ones: -J-Xmx7G -J-Xms4G. It seems like 7G of memory is too much and could error out on some machines. Any suggestions here?


Perhaps don't set it at all? Or make it configurable?

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Stel Abrego22:07:59

Oh I didn’t not using these flags was an option! I need to read more about these flags. I’ll try that out.


at least for clojure-lsp, clj-kondo and babashka nixpkgs derivations, we use 4g AFAIK and it works fine

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