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Bob B00:07:41

"banodeka" kappa


What about “cobb”, co-babashka


Seems to exist in npm, but what doesn’t exist on npm…


(Stupid suggestion) bb.js


Not so stupid, I was also thinking bbjs as the command line name


I kind of like the idea of having both bb and js in the name. Conveys both - that it is babashka, and for js. The js at the end appears to be a pretty standard convention for so many JS tools.

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It’s not for the webb though


bbjs sounds good. You could also go with something like noshka (node with babashka) sounds like the first name Nushka. Might be another source to generate ideas for names. The tui example looks very nice.


I kinda also like bbjs, or bb-js, a thing that is close to something that babashka is, and runs on a js runtime (maybe could work ontop say deno or some other variant than node, if they also support similar ways to load js libraries, so worried about attaching node to the name)


The node ecosystem might be the interesting bit here but that said bajska [ba*jash*ka] (with bbjs as the extension) is growing on me. Oddly enough Deno (node with a java-like sandbox) is an anagram of Node via - that podcast emphasises how open to abuse the node runtime is compared to java or js in the browser. Even so libs like ink are very cool and being able to use react at the CLI is pretty amazing especially if you use clojure. Exciting times.


I wonder if we should stick node inside the name though, e.g. nodashka, since perhaps in a few years there will be a Deno variant and the name bbjs is the taken?

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Karol Wójcik08:07:51

Nodashka is a cool name


What remains is: what to call the "CLI": nodashka ?


noda? (might be to close to node)


perhaps best to stick to nodashka Renamed to nbb instead. I could not remember nodashka, I had to try too hard which is not a good start.

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ok, welcome in #nodashka to continue the discussion.


@borkdude Don't know if this is already in your radar, would you plan to add favicon's to and, I found it's a bit hard to find out the right tab quickly if I have opened a dozen of tabs.


BTW, the babashka logo is cool.

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it's not on my radar, but feel free to make a PR. the icon is available in the bb repo


ok, I will try to make one if I have the time:)


Haven't noticed that the source is also on github.