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Karol Wójcik04:07:55

Coming in next release: • Obsolete Java runtime and remove java runtime dependencies. • Add a Clojure based custom runtime. This is the same runtime already used by native and babashka. The unification is necessary, since AWS Sam team clearly will hardly ever fix their issue with initializing Clojure on Java runtime. I expect Clojure runtime to be faster than original Java one. Kudos @ghadi, since he made me realize that i dont need AWS runtime dependency! • i will add additional docker:build command that packs deployable artifact in docker image. The template, tutorial etc will use docker images instead of zip. Since docker:build is just an additional step you can still use plain zips if you would like to ;) Let me know what do you think guys?

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Karol Wójcik04:07:58

Forgotten to mention that invoke, pack, deploy will use a docker images instead

Karol Wójcik04:07:10

Actually I'm thinking about doing a step back and completely remove sam commands. I don't really want to focus on glueing moving parts of the AWS SAM. Don't have much resources.

Karol Wójcik12:07:57

I spent some time today thinking about what is currently broken in Holy Lambda and prevents its adoption, and I've come to the following conclusion that I would like to discuss further. If you're interested in AWS Lambda and HL please join the discussion 🙂