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Jake Shelby21:08:57

[datomic cloud] Trying to update my development solo stack to the latest version. Following the instructions from the documentation (as I understand them), I click “update” on the nested CF stack for “compute” … however, I am presented with a warning: > It is recommended to update through the root stack > Updating a nested stack may result in an unstable state where the nested stack is out-of-sync with its root stack. Is this something I should worry about, it’s not mentioned in the documentation (I’m I updating the wrong stack?)


Don't know the answer to your specific question but in the future I recommend always deploying storage and compute as separate stacks.


@U018P5YRB8U you should split your stack before you upgrade


you should definitely NOT upgrade a nested stack

Jake Shelby23:08:09

okay thanks, it wasn’t clear to me if a solo stack needed to be split at all (because these docs seemed to be specifically for production deployments)


ah, yes it should be


and we'll look at improving those docs

Jake Shelby23:08:46

great, thanks for the responsiveness!