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Chris McCormick01:08:00

Slingcode v0.2.0 is released. Updates include image pasting, search & replace, UI fixes, and fixes to two example projects.

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Just published version 0.9.0 of socket-repl package for Atom Chlorine. On this release, better support for "alternative" Clojure implementations like Clojerl, Babashka, Lumo, ClojureCLR and Joker, better support for nREPL, and better testing pipeline to check all these implementations. Discussions on #chlorine ๐Ÿ™‚

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Kaocha 1.0.658 is out! Kaocha is an all encompassing testing tool. This release contains improvements to the the hooks and Orchestra plugins, and new affordances for plugin and test-type implementors, some of it in preparation of kaocha-cljs2.

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Follow-up in #kaocha please


The first release of Funnel-client is out (, containing Clojure and ClojureScript implementations of funnel clients. Funnel is a standalone websocket message hub meant as a basis for interactive developer tools that need to talk to a JS runtime. This library release should make it easier to get started building tools for Funnel. For more background on Funnel see the Funnel README and Funnel's announcement on ClojureVerse

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Follow-up in #lambdaisland


Cognitect Labsโ€™ aws-api 0.8.474 is now available.!topic/clojure/pB9lEKj9wcw

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