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Daniel Slutsky06:08:27

Might be useful to know: Hanami offers a neat way of writing Vega and Vega-Lite specs succinctly, avoiding boilerplate through templates. This templating method is just about pure data transformations, and thus it plays well with any library that knows how to render Vega and Vega-Lite: Oz, Darkstar, Pink-Gorilla, etc.

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do any of the libraries render the vega* specifications themselves or do they all shell out to vega* libraries under the hood?


None of them render vega themselves, all calling out to vega (either via browser, or via the vega-cli).


I think I remember talk of cljplot implementing a more declarative api along the lines of vega, but I don't know what's come of that

Daniel Slutsky17:08:38

@U7RJTCH6J Indeed all these libraries call out to Vega*, but Darkstar by @U07SQTAEM at least does it on the JVM itself, without needing a separate runtime. It does raise some issues too, as discussed in this conversation:

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very interesting. thanks for the pointer!