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@mauricio.szabo i am not sure, but it says this in the README: > This extension looks for a file called init.js or init.ts in your <code-config-path>/User folder, compiles it if it's a TypeScript file, and then loads it. > It expects your init script to export a function init(context: vscode.ExtensionContext), which it will then invoke. From here, you're free to interact with your Code instance through the extension API.


so if you can do it through the extension api, then may be?


@mauricio.szabo i suspect the answer may be "no" after looking at this: -- but it appears a number of parties have been interested for some time, so may be at some point?


my impression has been "if it isn't in package.json it can't be registered" -- does that seem right?


It seems that if it isn't in package.json then you can't get its display name and some other properties and you can't add key bindings to it. I'm not sure if that's what you mean by "it can't be registered".


Certainly seems like MS have been resisting this particular avenue of customization for over four years... 🙂


ha ha ha -- yes, looking at how they seem to be conspicuously not responding in that issue :)